One in ten Brits never clean their sofas

locationMarch 2017


The most common sofa stains and shocking fact that 1 in 10 never clean them

Stain on furniture

           One in ten Brits never clean their sofas despite them being regularly stained with food,

drink and even bodily fluids.


A poll of 2,000 householders found that staggeringly, three quarters have stained sofas, yet 54 per cent admitted they clean their suite less than once a month. Worse still, rather than trying to clean our stains, 20 per cent of us are happy to simply disguise the marks on our furniture using cushions or a throw. The survey, conducted by, found that the main culprits for causing stains were tea and coffee, with the beverages tarnishing one in five of UK sofas. This was followed by chocolate (12.6 per cent), wine (11.5 per cent) and juice (10.6 per cent). Disturbingly 6 per cent claim they had various forms of bodily fluids encrusted on their couches, including sick, poo and semen. Not only are stains notoriously difficult to remove, but one single bacterial cell from a rancid stain can become more than eight million cells in less than 24 hours – causing people to develop colds and sickness. It is no surprise that Britain’s sofas are getting soiled, with 44 per cent of people admitting to eating on their sofa daily, as well as 62.5 per cent drinking, but there were other activities found to be taking place on the couch too.

Almost one in 10 respondents admit to getting frisky on their couch at least once a week, with 2 per cent indulging in a spot of lovemaking every day and the same amount admitted to snoozing on the sofa daily. A third of people kip on the couch at least once per week. Steve Laidlaw, director at, said, “If your sofas have removable covers, upholstery cleaning is pretty easy – simply put the covers through the washing machine or go down to the dry cleaners. But sofas made of delicate materials such as velvet should be cleaned using an approved upholstery cleaner, by lightly dabbing the stain with a cloth.
Most common stains:Stained Armachair

Tea 19.82%          Coffee 19.82%     Chocolate 12.63%

Wine 11.54%        Juice 10.59%        Ink 9.78%

Mud 6.25%          Ketchup 5.77%     Pasta sauce 3.26%

Curry 2.92%       Sick 2.72%             Oil 2.65%

Jam 2.44%         Bleach 2.44%        Mould 2.44%

Semen 1.97%     Urine 1.90%         Mustard 1.49% Poo 1.09%

The above information was taken from an Article in the Dunstable Today newspaper.

It is advisable to deal with any spill straight away, the longer left the more risk of it becoming a permanent stain.

One particular type of troublesome stain not mentioned in this article is Dye Transfer.

This is where your furniture takes on a black or blue shading to the seat areas and is caused a ‘crocking effect’  where dye transfers from jeans, tracksuits and jogging bottoms onto the fabric of your suite through general use.

Dye transfer is more obvious on lighter coloured  fabric and leather and if dealt with quickly can be removed, if left to long the furniture will take on the dyes and the colour could become permanent.

To help prevent this we recommend a good quality stain protector is applied to you furniture and it is cleaned on a regular basis – every 12-18 months.