LOVE your furnishings again ♥️

LOVE your furnishings again ♥️



We spend a long time choosing the perfect items for our homes and we often spend a lot of money on these things, too.

So…here’s a few regular tasks you should be performing to show your furnishings some love and care throughout the year.


Every Day …

  • Plump sofa cushions cushions
  • Fix any throws you have
  • Pick up anything on the carpet that shouldn’t be there


Every Week …

  • Remove any ‘bobbles’ that have appeared
  • Dust down leather furniture with a cloth (no polish)
  • Brush any fabric furniture gently
  • Give your carpets and rugs a thorough vacuum (if you have pets more often)


Every Month …

  • Vacuum your sofa – use the lowest setting and attach the brush
  • Rotate the cushions if possible


Every Year …



If any of your furnishings need to be shown some love again, just give us a call on 01462 811210 for a free cleaning quotation.