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Five Star Furnishing Care are the only company to offer professional rug cleaning in Bedfordshire using offsite rug cleaning facilities. This enables us to clean any type of rug from Afghan, Indian, Persian, Turkish and many more with any type of fibre, wool, synthetic or silk. We will collect the rug from you and bring it to our workshop where it is cleaned safely and correctly using our thorough 10 step rug cleaning process and safe cleaning methods, using solutions that ensure outstanding results. Your rug will then be returned to you in a protective wrapping, to be presented to you with it's new found beauty.

Five Star Furnishing Care – The Best Rug Cleaning in Bedfordshire!

Looking for professional rug cleaning in Bedfordshire? Here at Five Star Furnishing Care, we’ve been providing high quality rug cleaning services in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas for more than 15 years now and have the experience, the professionalism and the workmanship to completely restore your rug back to its original beauty.

There are many different types of rug – some are machine made and mass produced, others are rare, antique or sentimental. We treat them all with the utmost care and attention to detail during our specialist rug cleaning process. It’s advisable to have your rugs cleaned every 12-18 months, but if they’re in areas of high traffic (entrance halls, corridors etc) or if you have children or pets, they might need more frequent cleaning.

The rug cleaning team at Five Star Furnishing Care are experienced in all methods of cleaning, in all types and construction of oriental and modern rugs. We are often called on to correct cleaning issues other companies are not familiar with. All rugs are cleaned using the most advanced techniques available to the industry.

Any rug cleaning should be carried out off site using the correct tools, methods and cleaning solutions – they should not be cleaned at you property like your wall to wall carpeting would be – they are very different.

Be very wary of any company offering to clean your rugs in your home and for a ridiculously low price!

Identification of rugs

It is impossible to say with any degree of certainty exactly when, where or by whom the first pile rugs were made. The materials of rug making are considerably more perishable than those of other types of artefacts and therefore very few examples have survived. The earliest collection of rugs was excavated from burial grounds in Egypt and the Orient dating from the 5th century AD.

We tend to use the term Oriental or Persian rug when describing rugs that were hand made in the traditional way in places such as Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, Caucacus and Pakistan. It is possible to try and classify these through their design, colours, materials and price.

The most useful way and the way that we view these rugs is by using the following criteria;

  • Weaving type or Machine manufactured
  • Dye type used

Five Star Furnishing Care’s Rug Cleaning Services

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Unlike other companies that provide professional rug cleaning in Bedfordshire, Five Star Furnishing Care offer offsite rug cleaning in a specialist rug cleaning studio.

Cleaning your rugs using our thorough 10 step process and safe cleaning solutions will ensure outstanding results, we never use harsh cleaning products when cleaning a rug.

Step 1: Pre Clean Inspection

Every rug we are asked to clean is inspected prior to any work starting on it, we will inspect the rug for any pre existing damage such as dye bleed, staining, areas of wear and some rug characteristics such as abrash and white knot. We will leave you with a written inspection sheet highlighting any concerns prior to us taking the rug away from your property.

Once the rug is back at our studio it will be given further inspection to make sure nothing was missed. This thorough inspection process allows us to decide on the correct cleaning method to be used to clean your precious rug.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

Like you carpet fibres, rugs are designed to hide dry soil. Did you know an 6×4 rug can hide 39kg of dirt!!!

This is probably the most important part of any cleaning process, cleaning without removing the soil will turn the soil into mud. We first vacuum the rug then it is mechanically beaten using vibrations on the reverse to loosen the dry soil which fall away from the face of the rug through a grid onto the floor.

This process alone can make your rug so much lighter in weight, and by removing the dirt it prevents damage being caused to the fibres from abrasion.

Step 3: Pre Treatment / Decontamination

Depending on the condition of the rug and if it has any odours such as urine, mould or mildew,  it may need decontamination, this is the only way to reduce these types of odours. However it is important to be aware that not all odours can be successfully removed.

Step 4: Rug Wash

The correct washing process is carried out to suit the type of rug, this could be by submerging the rug in cold water and special shampoos while agitating with soft brushes, or it could be by extraction cleaning.

Step 5: Spot and Fringe Treatment

Any spots or marks that are still evident following the wash process will be treated using the appropriate solutions, fringes will also be treated and cleaned to get them clean, some staining on cotton fringes can be permanent. We never use any form of bleach on fringes to whiten them, this can deteriorate the fibres and cause them to rot and the fringes were never white in the first place!

Step 6: Rug Rinse

This step enables us to remove all of the cleaning solution used in the cleaning process, this is done by running clean cold water over the rug removing the residues in its flow, we continue this process until all residues have been removed. Leaving cleaning residue in the fibres can lead to rapid re-soiling as well as the fibres feeling coarse.

Step 7: Water Extraction

This process removes the excess water from the rug before it is taken into the drying room. It is essential as much moisture is removed from the rug so the drying time is reduced, this helps prevent the risk of issues such as colour run, browning and mould growth.

Step 8: Grooming and Protector

Once we are happy with the cleaning of your rug we apply the anti stain protection if you have requested it. This puts a coating on each fibre which helps protect it against staining and re-soiling, giving you more time to mop up spillages that may occur, this coating will also help reduce abrasion wear.

The face fibres of the rug will then be groomed ensuring the pile is tangle free and laying in one direction.

Step 9: Speed Dry

The rug is hung in our drying room which is temperature and humidity controlled, air movers are used to force warm air across the rug. This is the safest method for drying rugs and ensures optimum drying conditions for your rug.

Step 10: Final Groom and Post inspection

Once the rug is completely dry it is laid out given a final groom, we will then thoroughly inspect the rug and release it for delivery back to you. Your rug will be wrapped for delivery to protect it from dust and soiling, once delivered back to you, we will lay it out  for you.

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Five Star Furnishing Care have been providing professional rug cleaning in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire for more than 15 years now, so if you’re looking for a team of experienced professional to restore your rug, we’re the team for you. For a free, no obligation quote, give us a call on 0808 144 0190 and receive a free rug assessment.

The service includes pick up and delivery throughout Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.