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One professional leather cleaning service from the highly experienced team at Five Star Furnishing Care will not only restore your furnishings back to their original beauty - it will also extend the life of your valuable leather furnishings dramatically. Bring your furniture back to life with the help of the best leather cleaning company in Bedfordshire. Get a free no obligation quote right now!

The Best Leather Cleaning in Bedfordshire!

If you own leather furnishings and are looking for a reliable and experienced team that provides professional leather cleaning in Bedfordshire, Five Star Furnishing Care are the team for you. One leather cleaning service from the team at Five Star Furnishing Care will not only restore your leather furnishings back to their original beauty – it will also extend the life of your valuable leather furnishings dramatically. Bring your furniture back to life with the help of the best leather cleaning company in Bedfordshire.

Five Star Furnishing Care’s leather cleaning services are available for all kinds of leather – aniline, nubuck or suede. Regular professional leather cleaning is a necessity – without it your beautiful leather furniture will start to crack and begin to look worn prematurely. To keep your leather furniture feeling soft and luxurious, regular professional cleaning is a must.

Cleaning is an essential part of caring for your leather furniture. It not only removes dirt and oils (which can, over time, break down the leathers protective coating) but will also help to maintain the moisture balance. This is important for keeping the leather supple and makes it less likely to absorb spillages. Because the leathers only have light surface protection they will also absorb dirt and spillages more readily. This will make cleaning less effective because dirt will only clean off the surface of leather not out of it.

Five Star’s Leather Cleaning Services

Our team have been providing leather cleaning in Bedfordshire areas for more than 15 years now, so you can rest assured that your furnishing are in good hands. Over the years, we’ve developed a detailed step by step leather cleaning and restoration method that brings out the very best results. Whilst most companies that provide leather cleaning in Bedfordshire stick to a simple ‘one treatment suits all’ approach, the treatment we apply to your furnishings at Five Star Furnishing Care depends on the type of leather it is. 


Five Star’s leather cleaning services are practiced by hand – the only machine involved is the vacuum cleaner which we use to remove surface dust from the furniture.

  • This is followed by the application of a foaming cleaning solution which is applied to each area (an arm, cushion etc) of the furniture individually.
  • This is then wiped in a circular motion to loosen any ingrained dirt from the leather,
  • Followed by an application of leather protector, this helps prevents soiling & spillages absorbing into the leather
  • During the cleaning process we will advise you of any areas of concern, these may be parts of the leather that have began to dry out by being in close proximity to heat or areas of damage i.e. cat scratches, burns, scuff marks etc.
  • We can then advise you of the cost to repair any area of damage.

All of our cleaning & protection solutions are safe and the most up to date products available to us. Please ask about our products available to purchase.

To maintain the rich natural look of your leather furniture, we offer the following recommendations:

General Leather Care Tips

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  • Avoid using or placing sharp objects on leather goods, leather is very durable, but not accident or damage proof
  • Dust or vacuum the surface of the leather weekly, this will remove light surface soiling.
  • Avoid placing leather furniture near any heat source or in direct sunlight, this can lead to the leather drying out & cracking. Place the furniture a minimum of two feet away from radiators or other heat source.
  • Blot up any spillages immediately. Never use saddle soaps, oils, baby wipes, all purpose cleaners or solvents. Use of these products could damage the finish and lead to costly repairs. Modern tanning techniques do not require such products, most spills should blot up easily with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Clean your leather with an approved cleaning solution, monthly if the furniture is heavily used, but at least four times a year, followed by an application of leather protector. This should be done in conjunction with regular professional cleaning.

Leather represents a large percentage of furniture sold today. Consumers have quickly realised the benefits of leather. It is more durable than fabric so it lasts longer, but has to be cared for properly. Leather adjusts to body temperature making it very comfortable to sit on. The actual production of leather these days is very sophisticated which enables manufacturers to create many looks to suit a wide variety of homes and styles. With it now being more affordable, there are suites to suit all pockets. Leather should be cleaned and cared for, and when done properly, maintains a beautiful appearance throughout its life.

Most consumers are forced to find out their own information on leather cleaning and care products as retailers generally give little or no maintenance instructions with their furniture.  What information is given is often incorrect and misleading. ‘Low maintenance’ is often interpreted as ‘no maintenance’. This can cause great problems for the consumer as the products available on the market are often not well tested or backed up with clear product advice.

Leather repair & re-colouring

With more & more leather furniture in today’s home, the risk of damage is becoming more likely.

  • Why hide that nasty looking burn on the seat cushion, or that ink scribble on the arm of the sofa.
  • Cat scratches, burns, scuffs or general wear & tear.
  • Let us take a look at your damaged leather furniture.
  • We can then advise you of what needs to be done and the likelihood of a successful repair.

Get a free no obligation quote right now!

Five Star Furnishing Care have been providing professional leather cleaning in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire for over fifteen years now, so if your leather furniture is in need of some restoration, we’re the team for you.

We can even give you a complete change of colour on that tired looking leather suite, whether it be from cream to blue or from red to green, give us a call & we will advise you on what we can do for you. So, if you’re looking for professional leather cleaning in Bedfordshire from a trusted and reliable team, call us on 0800 037 8094 for a free quotation.