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Are you looking for hard floor cleaning in Bedfordshire? Whether you have ceramic or porcelain floors in your home or business, or you have the luxury of natural stone such as limestone, travertine, slate or even marble, Five Star Furnishing Care can help you to maintain and restore them to their natural beauty using specialist equipment and products. Has the grout started to look grubby? Has your natural stone gone dull? Perhaps your marble has lost its shine? Well, one hard floor cleaning service from Five Star is sure to make you feel proud of your floors again.

It’s not just tile and stone that we are good at restoring - we're also specialists in the cleaning of Amtico and Karndean floors. These hard floors need regular maintenance and can look great once old dressings are stripped and the floor has been recoated with fresh dressing.

Five Star Furnishing Care – The Best Hard Floor Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Five Star Furnishing Care are the team to go to when you’re looking for a reliable and experienced team that provides hard floor cleaning in Bedfordshire. Ceramic and Porcelain tiled floors are probably the most common hard floor we come across. They’re very popular tile and with the correct advice, reasonably easy to maintain. More often than not it is the grout which is the issue. The grout is porous, which means it will absorb spillages, dirt, oil/grease, bacteria and even dirty water which you are mopping the floor with!

Regularly we hear clients say to us they’ve “had enough”, they can’t keep the floor clean, the grout looks filthy, it’s an embarrassment… It’s just a nightmare to keep clean. You’ve probably tried everything to get the grout clean and have become very frustrated and embarrassed by these dirty grout lines – whether they are in your home or business premises.

They look great when newly laid, clean, shiny and bright, but how do you keep it looking like that? You’ve tried using products on it: Flash, Cif, washing up liquid, detergent cleaners and steam mops, yet the floor never looks the same as it did.

Let the professional floor cleaning team at Five Star Furnishing Care help.

We’ve been providing hard floor cleaning in Bedfordshire for over fifteen years now, so we can bring your floor back to its best using the correct systems and solutions best suited to the type of floor you have. We can then advise you on how to easily maintain the floor yourself year round.

Using a similar process to natural stone floor cleaning, correct processes and products, Porcelain and Ceramic tiles offer exceptional restoration results. We can get the grout looking clean and bright again and seal it all afterwards to help keep your tile and grout lines looking as fresh and new as the day it was installed.

Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Our expertise in hard floor cleaning ranges across all types of stone flooring, including marble, limestone, terracotta, travertine, quarry tiles, slate and flagstone. We use the latest specialised systems and products to remove dirt and stains, leaving your floor looking good as new. Whether you want your marble tiles restored to a high gloss, or your limestone floor restored to a scratch- free smooth matt finish, we can grind, hone and polish to make your Natural Stone Floor look like-new.

Amtico, Karndean and Vinyl Flooring

It’s not just tile and  natural stone that we are experts at restoring, we are also specialist in cleaning Amtico, Karndean and Vinyl  floors.

These floors need regular maintenance and can look great once old scratched and scuffed  surface dressings are stripped and the floor recoated with fresh dressing restoring them to a like new appearance

Safety Flooring

Altro Flooring or Safety flooring is often seen in commercial properties where non slip flooring is essential, Health centres, vets, schools, commercial kitchens and sports facilities changing areas are just some of the common areas we are asked to clean and maintain safety floors.

These floors can often look pretty clean – but as the photos show they do hold a lot of dirt, regular mopping will help but will never remove all of the soiling.

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