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Coronavirus and cleaning – Important information.

With the current climate around the Coronavirus we want to re-assure all our current and future clients that we are staying open as and here to help.

We will be taking all necessary precautions in line with Government guidelines, our team have been issued with antibacterial hand wash to use throughout the day along with gloves to wear while we are a working or visiting properties, all our equipment is being disinfected daily.

We will also be observing social distancing guidelines and ask you to respect the same guidelines with our team. During cleaning we suggest you stay on an alternative floor of the premises while we are working, so if your lounge carpet is being cleaned stay upstairs for the duration and if bedroom carpets are being cleaned then stay downstairs. We ask for payments to be made by Bank Transfer on completion of the work, if alternative method of payment is required please contact the office prior to your job date.

While currently there is no product available that has been tested or proven to work on the Covid-19 strain of  Coronavirus, we do have products that will sanatise your home or work place to a much higher level than you may currently be doing (as the hospitals are doing) and certainly better than any ‘off the shelf’ type products.  Our products have been tested and proven to work on other strains of the Coronavirus and other viruses including Hepatitis B, HIV, Influenza and many more.

Cleaning and sanitizing your the carpets, soft furnishings and hard surfaces in your home or work place will certainly do more good than doing nothing and during this pandemic we are sanitizing everything we clean at no additional cost above the usual cleaning cost

No company should be making false claims that they have products that will work to eradicate the Covid-19 strain or Coronavirus

For more detailed information take a look at Deans recent blog here

Full Service Package

This is our Standard cleaning package, with no added frills. Cleaning only but with no corners cut, ideal for those who have a busy home. You get our full 10 Step Cleaning Process along with our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Premium Service Package

This is our most popular package, designed for those people who really value their furnishings and want to get the best out of their investment, making them last as long as possible. This package includes everything included in our Full Service Package with the added benefit of Stain Protector treatment applied to all areas cleaned.

VIP+ Package

This Package is designed for those of you who want to keep your furnishings looking good all year round. You get everything included in the Premium Service Package along with additional benefits including, free emergency call outs, free spot remover solution, discounts of additional cleaning and more.

Specialist Package

This package is aimed at those special circumstances you may have in your home. Our specialist packages include asthma / dust mite killer, pet package, insecticide package and more.

All of the Specialist Packages include everything in the Standard Package plus treatments for the relevant circumstance you may have.