Rug Cleaning In Bedfordshire

locationAugust 2016

Are you looking for rug cleaning in Bedfordshire?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Five Star Furnishing Care are specialists in rug cleaning in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas, we clean many rugs, oriental and modern type, highly valuable or sentimental value which have come from various parts of the world. We offer a full rug care package which includes collection and delivery.

When cleaning rugs we come across many designs, colours, fibres and characteristics. One of the most common characteristics of oriental rugs is colour variation in areas of the rug, this is Known as ‘Abrash’

Authentic oriental rugs, by their nature, display variations in their appearance because they are handmade rather than machine made.

This hand manufacturing process results in certain distinct , beautiful and unique characteristics that set genuine oriental rugs apart from lesser man made reproductions.

One of the most common and typical characteristics of a real oriental rug, especially  among older ‘Nomadic’ rugs, is the colour variation known as Abrash.

Abrash will present itself as a colour fluctuation within one block of colour in the rug design, ranging from very subtle shade differences to distinct or even bold variations. These irregularities often appear as bands or horizontal bars, but other shapes or sections of colour variation are also possible.

What is Abrash?

It is important to bear in mind that Abrash is not a defect, but simply the result of the use of different dye lots in the creation of the rug. Small quantities of skeins of pile yarn are dyed by hand before the rug is made, then each dye lot is hand knotted into the rug. Because each lot is dyed separately coloRug Cleaning Bedfordshire from variation is inevitable.

Connoisseurs of handmade oriental rugs value the beauty  of the colour fluctuations that are typical of Abrash, appreciating  their distinctive and natural looking appearance. In fact some of the highest quality rug manufacturers spend a lot of time and money simulating Abrash in their machine woven rug designs.

Sometimes Abrash colour variation is not obvious to the rug owner, this is because it is covered over or obscured by soiling and compaction of the rug pile with use and wear. When the rug is cleaned, the soiling is removed and the pile groomed, the truer and authentic pile colouration is then revealed, along with any Abrash colour variations that were there at time of manufacture.

If you have had an oriental rug for a long time and have not had it cleaned or you have recently inherited or purchased your rug you may not be aware of the colour variations, which have been hidden by soiling, which may exist withing its pile.

Prior to any cleaning of rugs taking place, we always carry out a full pre-clean survey and inspection which includes looking for signs of Abrash which, if found, will be reported back to you prior to the cleaning commencing.

At Five Star, we’ve been providing professional rug cleaning services in Bedfordshire for over 15 years, and offer a full rug care package including collection and delivery throughout the Bedfordshire area. Our package includes full inspection prior to any cleaning taking place, dry soil removal – this is the most important part of the cleaning process, dye testing, fringe cleaning, stain removal, odour treatment and stain protection.

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable company that provides rug cleaning in Bedfordshire, give us a call on 0808 144 0190 or fill in the form on the right and we’ll get back to you.