Persian Rug Cleaning in Bedfordshire

locationNovember 2016

Persian Rug Cleaning in Bedfordshire – Guaranteed Results!

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced rug cleaning company that provides Persian rug cleaning in Bedfordshire, you came to the right place.

At Five Star Furnishing Care, we’ve been providing professional Persian rug cleaning in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas since 2001 and have the experience, the knowledge and the high quality equipment necessary to completely restore your Persian rug back to its original beauty.

Covering all Bedfordshire areas – including Flitwick, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford & Luton – the team at Five Star Furnishing Care are providing Persian rug cleaning in Bedfordshire areas on a daily basis, so we’re never too far if you want to arrange a service!

Why Choose Five Star as Your Rug Cleaning Company?

So what makes us different to other companies that offer Persian rug cleaning in Bedfordshire? Well…

  • We’re fully insured
  • We are a registered Trustmark member
  • We’re trained to industry standards
  • We use the highest quality rug cleaning equipment, processes and products
  • We will arrive at the agreed time or we will let you know of any delay
  • You will receive an itemised no obligation quotation and the price we quote is the price you pay – there are no hidden costs
  • We are recommended by many local carpet & furniture retailers
  • We provide offsite Persian rug cleaning in a specialist rug cleaning studio

At Five Star Furnishing Care, our number one priority is customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy, then neither are we. We always pay close attention to detail and no rug cleaning service is ever rushed. Now, thanks to our consistency in providing a first class rug cleaning service to many Bedfordshire based customers, over 70% of our incoming work is from referrals and repeat clients who were so happy with the results we produced the first time, they chose us again next time they needed a rug cleaning service.

Five Star’s Persian Rug Cleaning Process

persian-rug-cleaning-bedfordshire-fivestarfurnishingcare-co_-uk_-e1429792652368-768x432Our Persian rug cleaning process will take place in an offsite specialist rug cleaning studio and consists of 10 steps that guarantee to bring out the best in your rug.

Step 1: Pre Clean Inspection

We first inspect the rug for any pre existing damage and leave you with a written inspection sheet highlighting any concerns prior to us taking the rug away for cleaning.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal

Cleaning without removing the soil will turn the soil into mud, so we first vacuum the rug before it is mechanically beaten using vibrations on the reverse, loosening any dry soil.

Step 3: Pre Treatment / Decontamination

Your rug may need decontamination, depending on the condition and if it has any odours such as urine, mould or mildew.

Step 4: Rug Wash

We choose a washing method that best suits the type of rug. This could be extraction cleaning or submerging the rug in cold water and special shampoos.

Step 5: Spot and Fringe Treatment

Any spots or marks that are still showing following the washing process can be treated using appropriate solutions. Bleach will not be used on fringes to whiten them as this can deteriorate the fibres and cause them to rot.

Step 6: Rug Rinse

Repeatedly rinsing the rug with cold water will remove all of the cleaning solution used in the cleaning process. Leaving cleaning residue in the fibres can lead to rapid re-soiling as well as the fibres feeling coarse.

Step 7: Water Extraction

Any excess water will be removed before your rug is taken into the drying room. It is essential that as much moisture is removed from the rug as possible so the drying time is reduced.

Step 8: Grooming and Protector

Once we’re happy with the cleaning of your rug – and assuming you have requested it – we apply anti-stain protection. This puts a coating on each fibre which helps protect it against staining and re-soiling.

Step 9: Speed Dry

Next, the rug is hung in our drying room which is temperature and humidity controlled. Air movers are used to force warm air across the rug, which is the safest drying method for rugs.

Step 10: Final Groom and Post inspection

Once the rug is completely dry, it is laid out for a final inspection, before being delivered back to you. Your rug will be wrapped for delivery to protect it from dust and soiling.

Get a free no obligation quote now!

So, if you’re looking for Persian rug cleaning in Bedfordshire or surrounding areas, get in touch with Five Star Furnishing Care now for a free, no obligation quote. Call us directly on 0808 144 0190 and receive a free rug assessment.