Our unique rug cleaning process – Part 2

locationMarch 2020

Here at Five Star we have a unique, ten step rug cleaning process and over the next few weeks, we will be giving you an insight into this. Last week we gave you the first two stages and this week we have steps 3 to 5 for you …



Step 3: Pre Treatment / Decontamination

Depending on the condition of the rug and if it has any odours such as urine, mould or mildew, it may need decontamination, this is the only way to reduce these types of odours. However, it is important to be aware that not all odours can be successfully removed.


Step 4: Rug Wash

The correct washing process is carried out to suit the type of rug, this could be by submerging the rug in cold water and special shampoos while agitating with soft brushes, or it could be by extraction cleaning (some of which are shown below).














Step 5: Spot and Fringe Treatment

Any spots or marks that are still evident following the wash process will be treated using the appropriate solutions, fringes will also be treated and cleaned to get them clean, some staining on cotton fringes can be permanent.

We never use any form of bleach on fringes to whiten them, this can deteriorate the fibres and cause them to rot and the fringes were never white in the first place!


Check back this time next week to see the next few stages of the process.


If you have any questions about rug cleaning or any of our other services just give us a call on 01462 811210.