Why your rugs should NOT be cleaned in the home

locationNovember 2021

Why your rugs should NOT be cleaned in the home


Here at Five Star Rug Care, we’ve been providing high quality rug cleaning services in since 2001 and have the experience, the professionalism and the workmanship to completely restore your rug back to its original beauty. 

As the most recommended rug cleaning company in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, we’ll provide you with the highest quality clean around. With our dedicated offsite rug cleaning treatment, your rug will genuinely look back to its best in no time. 



So why should you bring your rugs to us?


1 – Dust Removal

Dust removal requires specialist equipment only available at offsite rug cleaning facilities


2 – Colour Run

Rugs cleaned in the home will take longer to dry. The extended drying times could cause many issues, including colour run where darker dyes run into adjacent areas.


3 – Fringes

Fringes need to be dried very quickly after cleaning to avoid possible problems such as cellulosic browning and dye bleed from the pile of the rug.


4 – Damage to flooring

There is a risk that carpet or wooden flooring may get wet or scratched during the cleaning process. Colours could also transfer to these surfaces due to the extended drying times.


5 – Odours

Rugs can have some very strong odours when they are wet and will linger in your home for some time, pet odours and some spillages can be particularly unpleasant.


So What do we clean? 


Whether it’s an Afghan, Indian, Persian or Turkish rug that you need cleaning, wool, silk or man-made – or any other kind for that matter – you won’t get a better result than a rug cleaning service by Five Star. 


Don’t worry, whatever kind of rug you need cleaning, we’ll treat it with the utmost care and give it our full attention during our specialist rug cleaning processes. If it’s important to you and your family, it’s important to us.