Coronavirus & Cleaning

locationMarch 2020

Updated 17/3/20

Coronavirus & Cleaning

Important Factual information – Do Not get scammed please read, pass it on and share 

As if the current climate wasn’t enough for us all to cope with, I’m afraid to tell you that there’s a huge amount of misinformation around this virus from a cleaning perspective.

I’ve even heard from a colleague about a pest controller using products recommended for Parvo – the dog virus, in an old peoples home, against COVID-19

So I’ve put together some information on what the actual facts are – please read and forward to your friends and family, to avoid scams and give yourself the best chance of staying safe.

Time to put things straight!

  • Coronavirus is a title for a large family of viruses ranging from the common cold to the more severe SARS. COVID-19 is the current strain of the virus which is in the news and affecting people.
  • At the time of writing there are NO products which have been tested and approved for use on the COVID-19 strain of the virus, or at least anything which has legal backing.
  • No company should be giving guarantees to eradicate the virus from your home or business premises, if anyone tells you otherwise ask for proof that it has been tested on COVID-19
  • There are products that have been tested and proven to work on other strains of the Coronavirus but not COVID-19 and regardless of what chemicals are proven, most testing is done in clinical environment and not tested in ‘real world’ environment meaning application and efficiency may not achieve the same results.
  • Hard surfaces, carpets and soft furnishings can be cleaned using micro biocides, Quaternary ammonium chloride (Quats) or generated steam – or more simply they can be sanitized.
  • Some companies may claim to use a ‘Fogging’ process in your property to eradicate COVID 19, again no guarantee can or should be given that this will eradicate the virus…
  • However, none of the above is beneficial without the items, whether they be hard surfaces, carpets or soft furnishings being cleaned first and all residues removed and no respected cleaning or restoration company should engage in ineffective practice of applying chemicals without proper cleaning first.
  • Any equipment used by cleaning companies should be disinfected after every use and all staff should use personal protective equipment.

To Clarify:

We or any other company DO NOT have a product that is tested and proven to work on the specific strain COVID-19, so no guarantees can or should be given.

We do have products which are virucides which are effective on other strains of coronavirus and using these will go above any normal infection control methods being used in your home or business premises and this is certainly better than doing nothing.

COVID 19 is an enveloped virus, and at present there is no known sanitizer to break that envelope. Obviously tests are being carried out and are ongoing. There is nothing to stop companies carrying out a deep clean and using the various sanitizers on the market before & after.

However making claims that what they are using will kill COVID19 is serious misinformation. Sadly we are fighting a losing battle in trying to stop these unscrupulous people, because they are like a virus themselves and we have no successful antidote to stop them.

This isn’t something you want to be listening to old wives about or believing everything you read or hear on social media or at the local gossip corner, look and ask for the facts and proof.

Advice and best practice should always be followed and can be found on the website by following the link below

If you come across something and you’re not sure whether it’s true or not, then please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Stay safe, wash your hands and we will get through this together!

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