Beat Hay Fever In The House

Achoo! Achoo!
Depending on your allergies, hay fever may be just around the corner for you, or you may have already been struck down. This year is set to be especially bad with a milder spring bringing in the pollen early.
Up to 30% of adults and 40% of children in the UK are affected, with an amazing 19% of those having to take time off work or school because of the severity of their symptoms.
Here are our tips to prevent hay fever (and other allergies) from affecting you inside the home:

Ditch the feather duster

These stir up dust and release even more allergy particles into the air. Use a damp cloth to collect the dust instead.

Get a cleaner

If you can afford to, have someone else clean your house. People who suffer badly with allergies will find it hard to be around the house while the cleaning takes place and allergens are being stirred up. If you can’t afford one, make sure you change your clothes and shower immediately after cleaning.

Vacuum regularly

The longer dust and dirt remains in your carpet, the deeper it will settle into the fibres. Use a good vacuum with strong, consistent suction for best results.  Think about hiring a professional to come and deep clean your carpet once or twice a year.
Tip: vacuuming can stir up dust so make sure you do it the day before you have any guests over who you know suffer badly with allergies.

✨ Wash the sheets

Wash all bed linen on a hot cycle at least every other week (more often in summer when the pollen count is high) and invest in anti-allergen pillow for extra protection.


✨ Dust the radiators

Check radiators (and any other air vents) regularly for gathering dust, particularly before you first turn them on after a long period of time. Use a vacuum cleaner (one with a blower function will work even better) to keep them clean.


✨ Choose blinds

Blinds accumulate less dust than curtains. However, if you’re particularly attached to yours make sure you wash them regularly as they can hold a lot of dust and allergens within the fabric.