5 Reasons To Banish Shoes Indoors

locationAugust 2018

You should always remove your shoes in the home even if you’re heading out again soon.

Although it may seem inconvenient to always make sure your shoes go straight on the rack or fussy to pester guests to part with theirs at the door, there are 5 great reasons why you should be making the effort:

1) Germs

Shoe company, Rockport, did a study at the University of Arizona which collected germs and microbes on footwear. The scientists found nine different types of bacteria on the bottom of shoes.

The tests also showed that shoes may even be more germ riddled than a toilet seat.

We’re not just talking old shoes, either, a two week old pair of shoes were found to be carrying 440,000 units of bacteria (including E.coli), some of which could lead to illnesses like pneumonia.


2) Dirt

You chose the floors in your home because you liked them, maybe even paid a lot of money for them, so why not look after them?

You also spend hours a week cleaning (or paying for someone else to clean) so you don’t want all your hard work undone by grubby shoes.

Reduce the amount of cleaning you do and preserve the condition of your floors by simply removing your shoes in the house. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.


3) Toxins

Pollution is everywhere so you should be taking every measure to avoid bringing it in to your home.

Shoes could carry offensive toxins which can contaminate the air and increase your risk of disease.

Coal tar is a chemical used to seal asphalt roads and it can stay on your shoes far longer than you think. Bring it in on the bottom of your shoes and it can settle into the house as dust particles.

Even if you think this is unlikely, is it worth the risk?


4) Comfort

This one isn’t about the home, it’s about your feet. They need to breathe!

You probably spend all day in the same pair of shoes whether sitting or being active.

Just as it’s not nice to stay in the same restrictive work clothes all evening, it’s so satisfying to get home and kick off your shoes. Make it the first thing you do and use it as a signal to your body that it can relax now.


5) Health

Shoes have been around for 40,000 years. They protect, support, and show off our personality but wearing them for prolonged periods (I.E. into the evening) is bad news.

Your foot muscles need to work for themselves sometimes to stay strong and flexible so ditch the shoes with their supportive arches and go barefoot for a while.



We know it’s unrealistic to expect your home to be shoe free 100% of the time so instead consider having your carpets deep cleaned a couple of times a year to make sure they stay clean, bright and hygienic.

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