Reclaim Your Home From Your Pets

Pet owners, you may be at your wits end trying to rid your home of pet hair and smells.

Luckily, we have 19 simple tips to ensure your home stays clean and healthy while still allowing you to enjoying snuggles on the sofa with your fur babies.

… Just in time for the close of National Pet Month.

1) Use lint rollers

Lint rollers are great for emergencies, like when your friend stops by unannounced, but they’re also great for picking up stray dust and hair after you’ve vacuumed. They can pick up hair from almost any surface, too.

2) Hoover your doggo

It might sound strange but some vacuums have a grooming tool attachment. It removes hair directly from your dog before it’s shed but it also collects the dander, which is the cause of some allergies.

3) Use baking soda for smelly pet beds

Pick a pet bed with a removable cover for easy washing. Use a mild detergent and then add a cup of baking soda to the load to neutralise any stubborn odours. Wash on a hot cycle to kill allergens and other bacteria lurking in the fabric.

4) Collect hair with rubber gloves

Put on some rubber gloves and sweep your hands over your sofa or carpet and watch how the hairs stick to the rubber. Use your fingers to get into those hard to reach areas. Baby wipes also work well to remove hair from fabrics.

5) Utilise Lavender

Lavender essential oil is said to help soothe dogs and help keep fleas and ticks at bay when applied regularly between their shoulder blades. Mix with some water in a spray bottle and leave it in your car to keep your dog calm on long journeys and your car smelling fresh.

6) Wash that collar

When you wash the dog don’t forget to wash their collars too. You wouldn’t get out of the shower and put your dirty clothes back on. A good soak with hot water and dog shampoo for 15 minutes then give it a good rub together. Rinse under cold water, pat, then hang it to dry.

7) Banish muddy paws indoors

If you know your furry friend will come back from your walk with muddy paws make sure to prepare a shallow tray of water and a towel. Have it sitting by the door so you can clean off the muck BEFORE they go treading it all over the house.


8) Squeaky clean toys

You can wash plastic dog toys in the dishwasher to kill the germs and soft fabric toys can go in the washing machine, but use garment bags and DON’T use a detergent unless it’s dog safe.


9. No more digging up the plants

Some dogs are sensitive to citrus so scatter orange peel near any plants you don’t want your dog to dig up to deter them.


10. Messy eaters

Place a mat underneath their food and water bowl to catch any spillage from reaching your floor.


11. Invest in a robot vacuum

If your pet sheds faster than you can clean, why not invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner to do it for you. Set them up to clean while you’re out walking the dog or leave it on while you’re at work to give your pets something to chase.


12. Keep air fresh

Air your house at least once a week by opening all window, use an electric fan if you have one. In between, try using scented candles, a diffuser or sprays to keep the house smelling fresh. Just make sure you keep candles up high and don’t overdo the scent as pets can be extra sensitive and even allergic to some smells.

13. Protect your furniture

If your pets have a habit of covering your furniture in muddy paw prints or fur, a simple throw could stop them from being ruined. That way you only have to chuck it in the washing machine and you can ‘save’ the sofa for special occasions.

14. Bibs aren’t just for babies

Just like a baby, dogs sometimes make a mess at dinner and some are terrible dribblers so try using a doggy bandana to catch the worst of it. When it gets too dirty just pop it in the wash.


15. Get these house plants

Cape Marigolds, Bamboo Palms and Brazilian Orchids are pet friendly and filter the air in your home. Keep one next to your pet’s favourite spot and it will act as an odour-neutraliser.


16. Kitty litter smell

Adding baking soda to the litter tray before adding the litter helps to keep it smelling fresher for longer.


17. Extra smell protection

Keep your dog bed from getting that ‘wet dog’ smell by placing a fabric softener sheet under the cushion. You can also use them in your sofa if your pets prefer to snuggle up with you.


18. Be ready for stains

Mix up a pet-friendly and cheap stain remover with half a bottle of white vinegar, four heaped teaspoons of baking soda and water. Have it handy in a spray bottle for emergencies.


You might also like to consider our maintenance plan to ensure your home stays clean and healthy year round.