Fall In Love With Candlelight

Isn’t candlelight just magical?


Not only is it the most ancient form of artificial light, we think it’s also one of the most underrated and underused.


You may associate candles with ceremony, romance and  relaxation but they can also add instant warmth and atmosphere to a room. So, there’s no need to wait for an excuse to crack out the candles.


Candles come in so many shapes and sizes; from tiny tea-lights to long altar candles and there are so many ways to utilise these beautiful decoration pieces.



  • A display of different sized candles on a mantelpiece or tabletop makes a great centrepiece.
  • Container candles twinkle on a dress-ing table or window ledge
  • A row of identical columns lined upon a shelf is striking and modern.
  • And solitary statement candles work well, too, placed inside a glass storm lantern.


Try to think of interesting and unusual homes for candles that don’t come in their own containers.



Vintage glasses with tea-lights

A pretty metallic plate with a simple pillar

A clear glass vase, filled with dishwasher salt and a handful of white taper candles, makes an inspired and eye-catch-ing table-centre


Simple white candles will always look smart and natural.


Try sticking to one colour and combine different shapes for a stylish and harmonious display.


If you aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, try filling the hearth or an empty corner with multiple candles to add warmth to the room.



Candle Facts

  • Candlelight has a calming effect on the body and mind which means they make great stress-relievers.
  • Candles have been around for millennia. Candles have previously been made from cows, insects and whales.
  • The Romans loved candlelit dinners; excavations at Pompei discovered several candelabra.
  • The Ancient Greeks invented putting candles on cakes.

Quick Tip

Store candles in the fridge for 8 hours before using them to help them burn slower and longer.