A quick update

locationJanuary 2021

Updated 5/1/21

Following the prime ministers’ announcement on 4/1 about the new national lockdown I thought I would let you know we are staying open for business while working safely.

A quick check of the Government website clearly states tradespeople, cleaners, and others that work means working in domestic homes are allowed to do so providing measures are in place to keep everyone safe.

You can read all the information related to working in the home here

Scroll halfway down the page until you see the header ‘Going To Work’

Since we fully re-opened in September from the first national lockdown we have continued to work through the pandemic and have done so in a manner enabling us to keep everyone safe.

We have done this by following government and health guidelines which include,

  • Wearing PPE –
  • Masks,
  • Gloves
  • Shoe covers
  • Using hand sanitiser
  • Keeping a 2-meter distance between us and our customers.

We have also added our own additional measures to help keep you and our team safe, these measures include

  • Wiping down touchpoints – door handles,  sockets, light switches, and anything we may have touched while working in the home
  • All equipment is sanitised after each job and deep cleaned daily
  • Keeping others away from the rooms we are working in at the property while we are cleaning,
  • An electronic method of payment is required, no cash or cheques currently accepted
  • We will not be accepting any food or drink from you while working in the home.

You can read all our measures and guidelines we have in place here

Our unit and office will remain open to allow rug drop off and collection, both can be done without contact, we can also collect rugs from your home with no contact.

To arrange a rug drop off or collection or if you have any questions then please do give us a call so we can discuss this with you 0808 144 0190

Speak soon and please stay safe.



Dean - Owner www.FiveStarfurnishingcare.co.uk