How to choose the perfect rug for your home

How to choose the perfect rug for your home



Rugs are brilliant not only for adding a touch of style to your room but also for reducing noise, and adding comfort and warmth.

If you’re ready to incorporate a rug into your interior design we’ve got some pointers for choosing the perfect one.


Location and footfall

The first consideration to make is where you’re going to be putting your rug and how much wear and tear it’ll need to endure.  Choose a Flat-weave and low-tufted rugs work for your dining room to ensure you can still easily pull chairs in and out. Go for a thick shag rug in bedrooms to collect crumbs and spills.

Living room: Try to leave some space between the rug and the walls. Preferable about 2.5cm.

Dining room: Choose a rug size that allows 5 – 7cm on each side of the table so you can still pull out chairs.

Bedroom: Make sure there’s at least 7cm on each side of the bed for a soft underfoot feeling. Alternatively place runners on either side of the bed.



Wool:  soft, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Wool works for most rooms but will need vacuuming regularly at the beginning to deal with the initial shedding.

Cotton: Although less hardwearing than other materials, cotton is super soft underfoot.

Viscose: a semi-synthetic fiber made from wood pulp that mimics silk. Due to it’s delicate nature, it’s not advised to use a rug of this material in a high traffic area, like the hallway.

Nylon: Due to its high durability, this is a great pick for hallways and playrooms. It’s also affordable, and doesn’t shed.

Acrylic: Generally less expensive than wool but came be made in a way to replicate the woollen look. It’s hardwearing, sheds very little and is easy to clean.

Polypropylene: A synthetic fibre that’s hardwearing and very easy to maintain. Another material that works well in the hallway and heavily used areas.

Jute: Another very durable material that lends itself to hallways and other high traffic rooms.

Sisal: Even more hardwearing! However, because of this it isn’t as soft underfoot. Be aware that it’ll need dry cleaning as it doesn’t do well when wet.


Rugs to be cleaned by


Woven or Tufted?

Hand-knotted: You get what you pay for with these rugs. Persian and Oriental rugs may be more expensive due to the labour involved but they’re beautiful and durable.

Shag: Great for bedrooms and living rooms, as they have a deep, thick pile that feels wonderful underfoot, Avoid in kitchens and dining rooms, as they aren’t the easiest to keep clean.

Tufted: These rugs work great in nearly any room.

Flat-weave: Easy to clean, durable and, therefore, great for high-traffic areas and messy rooms.



White: If you have children or pets we recommend you don’t even consider a white rug. However, a white rug can add elegance to a room so if you must have white make sure it goes in a low traffic room that doesn’t need so much cleaning.

Multi-coloured: Children’s bedrooms and playrooms can never be too colourful so go crazy on the multi-coloured rugs.

Bold and bright: Use a bold rug to brighten up a dull room. Great for those neutral walls in rented properties where you can’t add your own colour to the decor.

Match the wall colour: Using the same colour scheme throughout the room will make it look less busy. Add monotony by making sure your furniture isn’t also the same colour.

Neutral: Greys, browns, beiges, creams all add sophistication and you can’t go far wrong choosing one of these.

Consider the floor: Try not to choose a rug that contrasts with the floor too much.