How to protect your home from festive party damage

Christmas time is party time! 🎉🥂

… But party time can also mean mess and a lot of cleaning up.

If you’re opening up your home to people this Christmas, make sure you follow our 5 tips to protect your home from party goers and the disasters they can bring.


Door Mats

Make sure you have a mat outside and inside your door to make sure people have plenty of places to wipe their shoes. You can also lay old rugs throughout the house to protect floors from footfall.

Alternatively, set up a ‘shoe zone’ and be strict with yourself about asking people to go barefoot.



Make sure you have an abundance of coasters on every surface in every room to provide people a place to set their drinks down. Water rings on your furniture are a pain to get out so try to prevent them.



If you’re serving buffet food make sure there are plenty of plate for people to use. Dropped food can cause crumbs at best and trodden in stains at worst. It’s better to have too many than too little so make sure you’re stocked up.



Pick a room to corner off and store all valuables in there to avoid any terrible accidents. Make sure you clearly mark the room as off-limits


Don’t Stress

Accidents happen and there’s nothing you can do to prevent every one of them. Damage limitation is sensible but at the end of the day try to relax and enjoy the party. You can always call in professionals to clean up your carpets and deal with any stains.