Get your car Autumn/Winter ready…

locationOctober 2021

Get your car Autumn/Winter ready…

We use our cars all year and through every season so here’s tips to keep you safe through the colder months…



Check your batteries

Although the average car battery tends to have a lifespan of roughly five years – you don’t want it to go on a cold and wet day. If your battery is struggling and you think there may be a chance it could give up on you soon – time to replace it.


Are you covered?

It may not seem worth the extra money at the time but if you break down in the colder months and you have no breakdown cover – you’ll be kicking yourself. If you don’t have any – check out all the deals the various companies will be offering and if you do have it, make sure you have the contact details handy in your phone! Also, it’s worth double checking you have the right cover for you.


Are you topped up?

Before you head out on a long journey this autumn, check the following –

Petrol – do you have enough for your journey

Oil – have you checked your not too low?

Screen wash fluid – are you topped up in case you need to give your windscreen a good clean?

Tyres – do you have enough tread and pressure?



The autumn weather can make the roads more slippy and harder to drive in so make sure your tyres are in good condition and have enough tread if not it’s worth investing in some new ones. It’s also worth checking your tyre pressure and making sure they are all correct.


Emergency supplies

It’s always worth having an emergency pack in the car just in case you get caught out. Things like a blanket, bottle of water and a few home comforts kept safely in the boot could be a life saver if you’re stuck waiting in the car.


Avoid the glare

Low sun in the sky can be a nightmare when driving towards it, so giving your windscreen a good clean inside and out will help make your dive easier.  A dirty screen will magnify the glare and make it harder to see clearly. Having a pair sunglasses in the car throughout the whole year will help (they are not just for summer).



As the autumn draws in and the nights get darker be sure you check all of your lights are working before you set off – including your fogs!