Brighten up your home this Autumn…

Brighten up your home this Autumn and Winter

Let’s face it the winter months can make your house feel colder and darker…but your home doesn’t have to feel drab or dull. So, here are a few tips to help brighten up your home…


Rugs –

If you have a rug, does it make the room look bigger and brighter? If you have a dark rug, there’s a chance that with the early nights and the dark weather it’ll make your room feel a lot darker and smaller. It’s worth swapping it for a lighter or brighter rug in the darker months. (One that goes with your autumn décor of course) .


Flowers and plants –

Some fresh flowers will help to add a pop of colour to a darkened space. A colourful flower arrangement is great at bringing an area to life. If you’re not great at keeping your plants alive you can find some fab faux flowers that will last until you want to switch up your décor! Plants also bring a space to life – there are also loads of plants that don’t require much maintenance like cacti or aloe.


Curtains –

If you have quite thick and heavy curtains in a room, they are likely to block any light coming into the space. So if you are looking to boost how much light you get coming in, it’s worth consider swapping those heavier curtains with lighter ones that allow more light into the room.


Mirrors –

Mirrors are great for instantly making a room look more spacious he most obvious ones. If you pop a mirror opposite a window you will instantly open up the room and double the amount of light that comes in.


Use brighter bulbs –

It’s worth checking to see what time of light bulbs you are using as there is quite a different between cool coloured ones and warm white ones. It’s worth investing in the cool white toned ones to brighten up your space.