Autumn and Winter gardening tips

locationNovember 2019

Autumn/Winter gardening tips

As the nights are becoming longer and darker, you’ll probably find your spending a lot less time outdoors. But this time of year, is actually very important for gardening. Keeping your garden maintained will mean you have a much healthier garden ready for next spring.


Decking and patios

Be sure to sweep down patios, decking and driveways. Wet and cold weather mixed with falling leaves can be very dangerous and slippery. Keeping these areas clean will reduce any accidents and save you a job in the spring!


If you have lawn…

Take care of it! The cold and dry air could mean you start to get brown spots on your lawn -so be sure to keep it well watered. Even if you’re not out there as much, you’ll still want it to look nice. Be sure to also give it a good cut while you can to make maintaining it over the winter months easier.


Garden furniture

It’s time to put away all your summer furniture such as tables, chairs and barbecues. Cover them over to keep them away from the elements or pop them safely into a shed, garage or outhouse to prevent them being damaged. Give them a good clean beforehand to save you a job next summer.



If you have a garden that attracts a lot of wildlife, be sure to leave out water, nuts and seeds. The colder weather can be hard for wildlife as food can be harder to get hold of.



If you have potted plants, keep an eye on them over the autumn/winter months. Be sure to pop any plants that are on the ground up a bit higher to prevent them from getting flooded or waterlogged. Alternatively, if you have a conservatory or outhouse, it may be a good idea to put them in there for the colder months.