Amazing uses for sellotape!

locationOctober 2019

Amazing uses for sellotape!


We all know sellotape is great for many things but here’s a few more uses you may not have thought of or know about…


Shoelace repair

Anyone who has lost the plastic end of their shoelace will know how annoying it is when it starts to fray. Fear not – cut down a piece of sellotape to size and wrap it round the end of the lace a few times. It’ll do the trick and save any further fraying.


Removing pet hair

If you don’t have a lint roller handy – sellotape will do the trick for you.

Any easy way to get pet hair ff your clothes is to wrap some tape around your hand and lightly tap it on the clothing or material.


Picking up glass

If you happen to smash a glass and you’re not sure if you’ve managed to sweep or hoover it all up sellotape is great for picking up tiny shards. Be very careful though! It’s worth putting a washing up glove on or wrapping you hand up in something to be extra safe!


Make your own labels

Sellotape is a great cheap but effective alternative for a laminator. If you want to keep your labs waterproof cover them with sellotape. This’ll keep the paper or sticker underneath safe from water or damage.


Perfect your liner

If you love the cat eye or flick look sellotape could give you a helping hand. Cut a small strip of table and apply it to your face at the angle you want the flick to sit. You can then draw along the line and peel off the tape when dry.


Never lose your batteries

Here’s a great one! If you have lots of battery powered items in your home a great hack is to tape the correct batteries for the item to the back of it. (This probably won’t work with the remote – sadly!) This way, as soon as the batteries go, you’ll have your spares right there ready for you to replace. It also saves trying to work out what batteries you need and having to go on a hunt to find them.