What to do in the garden this month…

locationJuly 2021

What to do in the garden this month…


Summer is in full swing by now and your garden should be full of colour. All your hard work should be paying off and you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful garden knowing that there are not too many pressing jobs to do this month. You can even invite friends round to enjoy a barbeque and admire your garden and possibly even sample some of the fruit and vegetables that you’ve grown. 


Jobs that won’t wait!


  • Check regularly to see if plants need water

New plantings, seedlings and plants in containers are all particularly vulnerable and may need water everyday.


  • Collect herbs now to dry for winter.

Tie them together in bunches and hang them upside down in a cool and airy place – Not in direct sunlight 


  • Roses

After their first flush of flowers give your roses some fertilizer to help them product a second flush in late summer 


  • New potatoes

These should be in peak condition now for harvesting. Continue to harvest them throughout July.


Speaking of July – it’s also the time to harvest your gooseberries and enjoy them!



Taken from the Five Star Furnishing Cares July 2021 newsletter