Uses for baby oil you didn’t know existed!

locationAugust 2019


Uses for baby oil you didn’t know existed!

I’m sure we all have a bottle of this lying around at home…but did you know how many uses it actually has? Baby oil can be used for so many different things, some you probably wouldn’t even think of.

If you do go for a hunt around the house after reading this, make sure you check the expiry date!


Removing plasters from skin

If you ever get a plaster stuck to you skin and peeling it off is painful – rub some baby oil on and around the plaster and it will slowly lift off with minimal pain. (This is especially great for kids who hate having plasters taken off)


Getting off a tight ring

Got a ring that’s just too tight to pull off? Pop a small amount of baby oil around the ring and slowly twist it. Be gentle – the ring should slowly slide off.


A cheap cuticle oil

Sometime cuticle oil can cost more than you want it too! Massage some baby oil into your cuticles and it will soften them up making it easier to work with.

It’ll also bring some moisture back into your skin!


Loosen a tight zip

Got a zip that just won’t budge? Pop a small amount of baby oil onto your fingers or a cloth and rub both sides of the zip. This should help move the zip in no time!



Did you know baby oil is great for removing dust from wooden furniture?

Pop a bit on to a cloth and wipe in circular motions. This should grab all the dust easily. Give it a wipe over with a clean cloth and it’ll look like new.


Keen golfer?

Who needs expensive cleaning kits when you can use a few drops of baby oil on a cloth to shine those clubs up!


Keeping warm

Before you venture out on a cold day, rub some baby oil into your skin. It helps to insulate your body by closing your pores.


Removing chewing gum

This is definitely one of the most irritating things to have to remove. If you do get stuck with chewing gum on a surface or even in your hair, just soak it in baby oil for a few minutes and it should slide out. (Your hair however will need a good wash after).


Stiff key

If your struggling with a key getting into a keyhole, just wipe a bit of baby oil onto it, give it a few turns and watch the magic happen!


Detangling jewellery

This is another annoying job that can be made much easier with baby oil. Rub a tiny bit of oil between your fingers and the chain. The oil should make the chain greasier making it easier to untangle the stubborn knot.


Removing paint from skin

If you happen to get oil-based paint on your skin – baby oil will fix that too!

Just give your hands a wash with warm soapy water. Pop a load of oil onto a towel or cotton pad and rub over the area. This will help the paint come off.