Tile Floor Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Ceramic Tile Floor Cleaning in Bedfordshire

Ceramic-Tile-Floor-in-Bedfordshire-e1432797771430When a tiled floor is laid in your home, it is usually for two reasons: practicality and simplicity when it comes to keeping clean your floor clean… or so we are led to believe.

Tile and stone floors should be easy to keep clean if done correctly and regularly. Unfortunately, advice given by tile installers and products available off the shelf do not always give the results hoped for or are as easy to use as expected.

Here at Five Star Furnishing Care, we received a call from a client of ours in Bedfordshire who asked if we could take a look at there Ceramic Tile kitchen floor, which they were struggling to keep clean.

The floor had been regularly cleaned by the client using a sponge mop and various supermarket floor cleaning products. The problem was that the cleaning products were leaving residue on the tile. The residue was then attracting dust and dirt to it, leaving the tiles looking grubby. What made it look worse was that the surface of the tile was uneven and pitted, which allowed some of the dirt to get into these areas, as you can see on the photo below.

Many times, the client had ended up on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor with a brush or scourer and she still was not getting the result she wanted… as well as getting sore knees.



Using the correct equipment and tile floor cleaning solutions, the Five Star team were able to get the clients tile floor looking brand new, leaving our client very happy.

Once we had completed this tile floor cleaning service in Bedfordshire, we advised the client on how to keep it looking clean easily (and with minimal damage to her knees).

Having been providing professional tile floor cleaning services in Bedfordshire for more than 15 years now, Five Star Furnishing Care’s floor restoration experts are the team to call if your tile floors need revitalising. So, if you’d like a quote on a professional tile floor cleaning and restoration service in Bedfordshire, or any Natural Stone floor, or if you would like any advice on cleaning or maintaining your floors, give us a call on 0808 144 0190 or fill in the quick and easy form below.