Why Hard Flooring Is Making Your Carpets Dirty

“The carpet in my lounge doorway looks really dirty”


This is something we often hear from customers before they have their carpet cleaned.


So why do the doorway areas of your carpet get really dirty and will carpet cleaning help?


Rapid re-soiling can occur when hard floor surfaces are laid adjacent to carpeted areas.


This is now a fairly common occurrence due to the trend of fitting hard floor surfaces in the hallway of the property.


The most popular surfaces within the home at the present time are wood effect, closely followed by ‘real’ wood or Amtico style flooring materials.


The first nine to fifteen feet into the home is something that we, in the cleaning industry, refer to as the ‘doormat’.


Take this section of carpet away and the hard floor becomes the doormat, the issue here is that there is nothing to hold the soiling in place on the hard floor so the ‘doormat’ is subsequently extended into side rooms or stair treads.


One of the problems with hard floors is that dust collects on the surface and just ‘sits’ there, this dust is picked up by foot traffic and deposited onto the next available carpeted area, this effectively wipes the soil from a person’s feet or shoes.


The common areas that seems to attract this soiling the most are the first 4-5 steps of the stairs, in particular the leading edges and the doorway areas to adjacent carpeted rooms.


Often within a matter of weeks from being laid an unsightly soiled appearance begins to show and many customers complain to their retailer.


Popular colour choices for carpeting are light subtle colours and pastel shades.


With such colours the owners naturally want to preserve appearances and therefore use soft shoes within the home or very often go bare foot.


These lighter shades of carpet will obviously show the soiling quicker than darker shades leaving the home owner puzzled and concerned as to why the carpet looks dirty in these areas so much quicker.


A suitable cleaning process can correct the premature soiling but unless the source of the problem is identified and dealt with the soiling will reoccur very quickly.


Regular vacuuming of the carpeted areas with a good quality vacuum will help remove the dry soil from the carpet while dry mopping daily will remove the soiling from the hard floor.


The best thing to do is to have barrier mats in place in the hallway, a simple good quality mat that will remove the soiling from foot traffic before entering the carpeted areas.


100% cotton mats are the type we recommend as these will absorb moisture a hold the soiling in place, they can also be put into the washing machine to clean them.


We recommend Magimats or Turtle Mat to our customers, we use these in our own home.


If you have dirty doorways or your stairs a looking grubby and you want your carpets cleaning in Bedfordshire, pick up the phone and give us a call on  0808 144 0190