Will your technician be wearing a mask and gloves”?


The next question to be answered in our short video series about cleaning and Coronavirus is “Will your technician be wearing a mask and gloves”?

Any member of our team who visits your property, whether it be for a job or quotation, will wear disposable gloves which will be disposed of after every job, shoe covers, again disposable and binned after every job and also be wearing a face mask as well.

The mask will only be worn while in conversation or vicinity of any occupant who’s in the home. While working alone, the mask may be removed for safety reasons as it’s not advised to wear any face coverings for more than an hour at a time but I emphasise if we are in the vicinity of any occupants of the household or talking to anybody, the mask will be worn at all times.

I hope that answers the question, if you have any other questions you would like answered about cleaning and Coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to ask We’ll do our best to answer them for you.

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