What additional steps are you taking to keep me and my family safe while cleaning in my home


We’ve had a number of questions recently about carpet & soft furnishing cleaning in the home during the current coronavirus pandemic. So I thought, I’d take this opportunity to answer some common questions in a short video series.
The first question I’m going to answer is, “What additional steps are you taking to keep me and my family safe while you’re cleaning in my home?”

Obviously we’re going to be following all government and health guidelines, such as the NHS guidelines and the World Health Organisation guidelines. This includes social distancing, we will be keeping two metres away from any occupant in the property. We’ll be wearing disposable gloves as soon as we enter your property, these will be put on and they’ll be changed if they tear, if we go to the van for any reason a fresh clean pair will be put on, these will be disposed of safely.

We’ll also be wearing a mask while we’re in your property, talking to any occupants, we’ll only be wearing this while we’re talking to you, if we’re not talking to you, we won’t be wearing the mask. The other thing we’ll be doing is wearing shoe covers. These are put over the top of our shoes and disposed of again at the end of every job. This helps prevent anything being carried from our feet into your property.

We’ll also be wiping down any touchpoints, any handles, switches, plug sockets, anything we’ve touched, basically, while we’re cleaning your home we will wipe these down with our virucide treatment products. All items cleaned whether it’s carpet or upholstery, will be post sprayed with the same virucide treatment for your peace of mind.

All equipment used will be wiped down and deep cleaned with a disinfectant product after every job. Again, for your peace of mind, making sure that you’re confident that everything that we’re bringing into your home is clean and safe.

We’ve created a sheet with the cleaning guidelines and precautions that we’re following. It’s got all the details of everything that we are doing.
The sheet is available on our website, there’s a link on top of every page you can read it on the website, or you can download a copy of it. We’ve also given copies of it out by email to anybody wants a quote, or when we book a job in as well.

Hopefully, that answered the question. If you have any other questions about any cleaning and coronavirus issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer those for you.


To see all our updated guidelines & procedures simply click here