Is It safer for me & the kids to go out while you are cleaning in my house


The next question to be answered in our short video series about cleaning and the coronavirus is, “Is it safer for me and the kids to leave the house while my carpet and upholstery are being cleaned?”

Under normal circumstances, prior to COVID-19, a lot of our customers left us to it. They went out for the duration of the clean, visit friends, go for something to eat or go to their local park with the kids.

Obviously, things are a little bit different now and places to go are limited. However, if you have somewhere to go then that’s great, if not, then all we advise is that you stay away from the rooms that we’re cleaning. Another floor of the property, maybe upstairs in the bedroom or study or you can simply go into a room that’s not being cleaned.

Hopefully that answers the question and if you have any other questions you would like answered about cleaning and the Coronavirus, then please do get in touch.

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