Carpet Cleaning FAQs

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locationJuly 2020

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Can you clean my carpets if I have a confirmed case of Covid-19


As you’ll be aware after closing our doors way back at the end of March we reopened and started working in domestic properties on 1st June on a limited basis.

Since we reopened, we have had many questions asked by our customers about what we can and cannot do and what customers need to be doing.

Questions such as;

“Will you be wearing masks and gloves while cleaning in my home”

“Is it possible you can bring the Coronavirus into my home on your feet or equipment”

“Is it safer for me and the kids to go out while you are cleaning”

And I am sure over the coming months there will be many more questions that our customers will be asking so I have answered these questions and more about cleaning and coronavirus with some short videos in our Knowledgebase where you find answers to questions for other topics too.

Take a look at the knowledgebase by clicking the image below and if you have any questions you would like answered, whether it is to do with cleaning and the coronavirus or any other cleaning questions, then simply let me know.








Stay safe and we’ll speak soon.

Dean - Owner