Recycle your old clothes with these clever hacks

Before you get your summer wardrobe down from the loft and throw away all the items that aren’t quite up to scratch anymore, first try some of these clothing hacks to see if they can be revived.


In an age where we’re all becoming more conscious about the impact of waste, you’ll be doing the environment a favour, as well as your bank balance.


  1. Remove pilling by dragging a razor gently across the fabric
  2. Blot hand sanitiser on ink stains to remove them before putting in the wash
  3. Decrease clothes in the bathroom while you shower to save yourself ironing
  4. Don’t let a broken zip be the end of your favourite jeans. Slide the metal ring from a key ring through a zip, fasten, then hook it over the button of your trousers
  5. Use a salad spinner to dry small items in no time
  6. Apply shaving foam to makeup stains and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing
  7. Stop jeans from fading by adding a cup of white vinegar to the washing machine
  8. Always use net bags to protect your delicates in the washing machine
  9. Hand wash your delicates using cold water and baby shampoo
  10. Mix equal parts lemon juice and water, then apply liberally to sweat stains to get rid of them
  11. Buff shoes using the inside of a banana skin
  12. Use double-sided sticky tape as a quick fix for gaping tops
  13. Sew in popper bra concealers to your clothes that don’t quite cover the straps
  14. Remove gum by rubbing ice on the area
  15. To prevent ladders in your new tights strengthen the fibres by running them under cold water, popping them in the freezer then defrost and allow to dry before wearing
  16. Use a straw to help retrieve a lost hoodie cord
  17. Place dried, brewed tea bags in your shoes to get rid of odours
  18. Apply distilled white vinegar onto a cheesecloth and apply to patent leather in light, circular motions to get it looking brand new again.
  19. Soak jewellery in vodka for 5 minutes to bring back their shine
  20. Remove water marks from leather by adding a few drops of vinegar to a bowl of cool water, then applying to leather with a soft bristle brush until stains disappear.
  21. Keep tiny glasses screws in place by applying a thin layer of clear nail polish
  22. Use a safety pin or paper clip to save your flip flops from losing their toe post
  23. Remove grease by rubbing talcum powder in a circular motion as many times as is needed
  24. Stop new shoes rubbing by putting on large socks underneath the new shoes then blasting with a hairdryer to loosen the leather
  25. Ketchup can clean up jewellery in 10 minutes if left to soak
  26. Get rid of collar and cuff creases using hair straighteners
  27. Fix leaky wellingtons with a bicycle repair kit
  28. Wet grass stains with warm water. Then, mix one tbsp dish soap with two tbsp hydrogen peroxide and apply to the stain for 10 minutes.
  29. Un-shrink clothes by soaking in lukewarm water and one tbsp of hair conditioner for 30 minutes. Whilst it’s submerged, gently stretch out the fabric to its original shape and size. Rinse in cold water, then leave to dry flat
  30. Wax Crayons can help to loosen a stuck zip
  31. Line tight shorts with a felt crotch to stop them from riding up