5 simple ideas to make your Dad feel special this Sunday

locationJune 2021

5 simple ideas to make your Dad feel special this Sunday

This weekend it’s Father’s Day if your organised fab – if not don’t worry (we won’t tell) here’s 5 simple ideas to make your Dad feel special this Sunday.

1) Breakfast in bed
It’s a classic for a reason. You don’t need to be a whiz in the kitchen to cook breakfast and it never fails to make someone feel special.
If you’re not feeling up to making a Full English, you could opt for some pancakes or an omelette. Try these simple to make recipes.

2) Personalised vouchers
You don’t need a big bank balance to show Dad you love him. If money is tight why not make your own vouchers. The best thing about vouchers is they can be personalised. So, whether your Dad’s a sports fan, a workaholic or a fan of peace and quiet you can find plenty of things to offer him without spending any money at all. (It also works for all ages)

Here’s a few ideas to get your going:
One free car wash
The TV is all yours for a day
A father – son/daughter day out
I’ll sit and watch the football match with you

3) Make some plans
You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on a concert or a sporting event to spend quality time with your Dad.
If he’s into fishing or golfing, arrange a date to bond over his hobby.
If he’s a foodie, look for free (or cheap) food festivals nearby.
If he’s active, why not organise a bike ride or a hike and go exploring together.

4) Have a movie night
Not everyone wants to get out of the house. If your Dad is more of a house cat or movie buff why not bring over his favourite film (or TV boxset) and plenty of snacks.
Extra points if you let him chose something that normally wouldn’t be your cup-of-tea. You never know, you might actually enjoy it …. but you’ll definitely make him happy for taking an interest.

5) Just tell him
Not into grand gestures? That’s ok, because all Father’s Day is really about is making sure your Dad feels loved and appreciated. So, if you love or admire your dad for anything in particular make sure you let him know. Be specific, too. Don’t just wish him a good day because “it’s Father’s Day”, think of a happy memory or a kind gesture he did for you and let him know just how much you appreciated it.