10 things to do this bank holiday with the family

locationAugust 2019

10 things to do this bank holiday with the family

Visit a fruit farm

If you have a look around there are some gorgeous fruit farms hidden away where you can pick your own strawberries, blackberry’s and raspberry’s. Not only will this keep the kids entertained for hours but can spend the other half of the day cooking up a storm with the treats you picked earlier.


Find a free local event

Bank holidays are usually a day filled with free and local events which usually have a great mix of music, food and entertainment. Have a look online or in the local paper and see what’s going on in your area. If the suns out it’ll be a bonus!


Do some gardening

Kids love to get involved, so gardening is a great fun filled activity. You can grow some vegetables or even create a unicorn or dinosaur garden (have a look online for some fab ways to do this).


Get crafty

Perfect for a rainy day! Have a look around the house, see what you can get together and spend the day cutting, sticking, painting and creating. Cheap and cheerful but will keep the kids amused for hours on end!


Pop to the beach

There’s nothing like a day at the British seaside. You can pack up a picnic and spend the day building sandcastles, splashing around in the sea and eating ice cream – It also won’t break the bank.


Visit a National Trust destination

If you have a look online at national trust destinations, you can find over 200 gardens and parks to explore. They are perfect picnic spots have great play areas and beautiful famous gardens. It’s also a great way to see the beauty of your local area or go on an adventure and visit somewhere new.


Visit a Zoo

Why not go on an animal adventure for the day. Whether it’s a zoo or safari park – it’s a great day out with loads to do. If you look online, you can usually find discount codes, family deals or booking online in advance can  sometimes saves you a few pennies!


Have a movie night in

Make the most of the long weekend by grabbing some snacks or take away and inviting everyone over for a movie marathon of your favourite movies or box sets. You can stay up as late as you want without the worry of having to get up for work or the school run.


Enjoy the outdoors

There are so many beautiful country sides, national parks, woods and lakes around so why not go for a bike ride. The kids will love being out in the fresh air and it’s a nice way to spend time with the family away from modern technology. If you don’t own a bike there are plenty of bike rental shops (these are usually located near cycle tracks).


Have a picnic

Make the most of a day off and (hopefully the nice weather) by putting together a picnic for the family. Pick your fav spot, settle down for the day and enjoy each others company.