Smart bathroom storage ideas


Smart bathroom storage ideas



Your bathroom is probably the one place where you may struggle to keep everything stored away – or if it’s out on display trying make it look clutter free!


So here are a few simple ideas to help make your bathroom a little more organised…


Hooks or hanging baskets

If you don’t have room for fitted cupboards in your bathroom, it’s worth making use of any wall space you can. A great way of doing it is to use wall hooks or a hook rack. Here you can hang towels, shower caps or even baskets full of products, makeup or hair accessories! This will keep them off the floor or the sides and make your bathroom look and feel more organised.


Turn your everyday items into decorative ones

Not sure where to put your lotions or cotton pads? Rather than leaving them in their packets and out on the sides, why not get some pretty boxes/jars and empty your products into them. Not only will they look far more organised and attractive in the room but it’ll also free up some extra side space. (Glass jars are great for storing cotton wool, soaps or bath bombs).


How about a ladder shelf?

Not only do these look stylish but they are very practical and functional. There are many different styles and sizes so should be one to fit any sized bathroom. These are great to fill up with things like boxes of products, perfumes or folded towels. You can also pop some decorative items in between to keep the room looking pretty.


Loo roll holders

One thing that never really has a home (other than the one that’s being used) is loo rolls. A great way to keep them stored away neatly is to use a loo roll holder. They may not be the most glamorous item in your bathroom but there a great storage solution – especially for smaller rooms. You can get ones that are slim enough to fit down the side of your loo and are barely visible. If you have a good enough look around you can also find some very stylish ones that double up as part of the room decor.


Two in one unit

If you have enough room in your bathroom for wall storage, it’s a great idea to get one that does more than one job. Mirrored cabinets are great for this as you can use it to get ready and do your hair without needing the extra wall space for a mirror.  You can even get ones with integrated lights (fab for applying makeup!). The mirror will also help to open the room up and make it seem larger and lighter.