Why Carpet Is Still A Great Option For Your Home

When it’s finally time to redecorate your home you’re spoiled for choice on what material you should lay on your floor. In this day and age it’s not unusually to see a house with wood flooring, stone, carpet or a mix.

With so many choices you might be in two minds about what to go for. If you’re undecided if carpet is the right way to go we’ve got some advantages you should consider.


Indoor Air Quality

Did you know, carpet actually aids Indoor Air Quality. Carpet traps dust and allergens in its fibres and stops them getting into your lungs. Just make sure you vacuum regularly to remove them.



We all know carpet is warm and comfortable underfoot but it’s also great as insulation. Make sure you chose the best carpet type for your home – take into account footfall and use of the room.


You can read our blog on which carpet to choose here.


Low maintenance

With regular vacuum cleaning, and a deep clean at least once a year, your carpet will be pretty low maintenance compared to some other types of flooring. Again, picking the best type for your room is going to make a difference to how long it last but as long as you keep on top of it, you’ll have a carpet that lasts.


Safety First

As well as being better at cushioning any falls, carpet is also great at reducing slips and falls. If you’ve got small children, who often run without thinking of the consequences, carpets are probably your best bet for safety and avoiding any nasty banged heads.