Valentines home decor ideas

locationFebruary 2022

How to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day…


Looking to have a cosy Valentine’s night in? Here’s some ideas to make your home feel as loved as you do on this day (plus we all love a reason to decorate right?)



Valentines Garland

The main focal of most living rooms is the fireplace or mantle, so why not dress it up for the most romantic day of the year? Add a garland of your choice. You could go for a garland of paper hearts, photos of you and you loved one, a mix of sweet messages or a garland of all your favourite things.

If you’ve kept all your past valentines’ cards or romantic messages pop them all into the garland to make it more person – get creative and have fun with it!


A valentine’s wreath

For anyone missing their Christmas wreath here’s your chance to enjoy another one…

Dress up your front door with a Valentine’s Day wreath made of flowers, wrapped sweets, or a collection of hearts. You can be as creative as you like and make it yourself or find a local shop that sells a ready-made wreath full of beautiful flowers.


Fill jars with chocolates sweets or romantic message

Get yourself some festive coloured chocolates and sweets (the supermarkets will be full of all the reds and pinks!) along with some cute little jars and use them as decorative displays around the house. They’d look great on a mantle or windowsill.

If you want to get personal, why not fill your jar with romantic notes or messages for your partner or valentine?


Pillows and throws

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your house for an occasion is with themed pillows and throws. (Pillows can also be a very cute gift). A few red or pink throws or pillows will give your living space a punch of colour and decorate without looking too attached to the holiday.

It’ll also make you feel extra cosy if you’re planning a night in!