Stay Happy This Blue Monday

Monday 21st January is referred to as ‘Blue Monday’ for being the most depressing day of the year.

Luckily, its all a big lie and is likely no worse than any other Monday. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t all need a little extra help staying happy this time of year.

It’s cold, dark and we’re still coming down from the highs of Christmas. So, although Blue Monday is a myth, let’s look at a few ways you can keep yourself happy through the long month of January.


1) Be Kind To Yourself

We all have ‘off’ days and we all make mistakes. Learn to forgive yourself, move on and make sure to congratulate yourself when you deserve it.


2) Catch Up With Loved Ones

Pick up the phone and call the people you love the most, whether it’s family or friends. Arrange to meet up with them if you can, or just enjoy a long chat. I’m sure the act will make both of you happier.


3) Meditate

It’s a popular activity these days and with Apps on your phone to guide you through, it’s also really easy. Not only does it shrink stress, it also increase¬†compassion and self-awareness.


4) Stop Procrastinating

If you’ve had a job on your to-do list since before you put the decorations up it’s probably time to just get it done. It might seem unpleasant but the feeling of satisfaction and relief once you’ve completed the task will be well worth it. Besides, it probably won’t be as bad as you’ve played it out to be in your head.


5) Exercise

We all know exercise is good for us – it improves our health, lowers our levels of depression and gives us a natural high. As little as 20 minutes as day can make a difference.


6) Switch Off

Our lives are consumed by technology. We go from screen to screen all day long and it’s hurting our happiness. Stop comparing yourself to the ‘perfect’ lives you see on social media and go out and have a real conversation if you want to be happier.


7) Do Something Selfless

There’s happiness in looking after yourself but there’s also happiness in doing good things for others. Charity work, random acts of kindness. Make a difference to just one person’s life and you’ll feel a nice buzz.


8) Sleep

Not just sleeping right kind or sleeping well but also sleeping the right amount. Too little or not enough quality sleep can leave your brain forgetful of the good memories (yes, that’s really true!) and only retain the bad ones. On the other hand, oversleeping can hurt too.