Prepare a 5* Guest Room in 5 Steps

If you’re a hostess with the mostess this time of year it’s probably time to start thinking about getting that guest room ready for family and friends.

As extended family start invading your space it’s a good idea to make sure their room is inviting enough to keep them out of your hair while you’re wrapping those last minute gifts.

So, here’s our 5 steps to stress free guest room prep … start now and you’ll have less to worry about in the rushed week before Christmas day.


1. Change the Sheets

Not only is clean bedding hygienic, it’s fresh smell and feel are a simple way to make your guests feel special. Sweat, body oils, saliva and, potentially, sexual fluids (although, depending on who’s staying, you might not want to think about that one) are just a few ways the sheets get dirty from each use. Spare your guests dust mites, germs and bacteria by giving the linen a good clean.

Why not indulge in a festive bedding set to give the room an even more cosy feel.


2. Wash the Duvet (and pillows)

While you’re tacking the bed, why not take this opportunity to rid the duvet and pillows of dust mites and germs. If your washing machine isn’t big enough, take it along to a launderette with bigger machine or simply take it in to a dry cleaning shop. Pillows and duvets should ideally be washed every 2-3 months.

Why not treat yourself and get your own done at the same time – why should your guests get all the luxury?



3. Declutter

If your guest room doubles up as the ‘junk room’ it’s a great time to get strict with yourself and dump the clutter. To make it quick and simple, organise clutter into three piles:

  1. Has a home
  2. Has no home but needs one
  3. Charity shop or bin

4. Make Space

Nothing makes you feel less at home than living out of your suitcase all week. So, make space in the cupboard for guests to hang their party clothes and make sure there’s a couple of empty draws for their personal belongings, too. If you have to remove items why not slide them under the bed in boxes or vacumm storage bags.

Make sure there are plenty of hangers for guests to use, too, so you’re not de-hangering your own clothes on Christmas Eve.


5. Clean Up

Chances are your guest room doesn’t get much use and therefore probably doesn’t get too dirty. That’s good news when it comes to cleaning before guests arrive. A quick dust and vacuum should be all it needs to be guest ready. However, if you want to go the extra mile you could wash the curtains and sprinkling the floor with bicarbonate of soda before vacuuming to get the room smelling fresh as a daisy.

Finishing Touches

No one wants you to over load yourself with work, especially this time of year, but if you’re really keen to give your guests the 5 star experience you could add these finishing touches:

  • Spritz the bed sheets with linen spray (or a homemade spray using essential oils)
  • Arrange a basket of toiletries and lay out fresh towels
  • Stock up on magazines or books
  • Place some freshly-cut flowers in a vase