Our unique rug cleaning process – Part 3

locationMarch 2020

Just a reminder with everything that’s currently going on – we are still open just adhering to all government and social distancing guidelines!


Here at Five Star we have a unique, ten step rug cleaning process and over the next few weeks, we will be giving you an insight into this. Last week we gave you the stages 3 to 5 and this week we have steps 6 to 8 for you …


Step 6: Rug Rinse

This step enables us to remove all of the cleaning solution used in the cleaning process, this is done by running clean cold water over the rug removing the residues in its flow, we continue this process until all residues have been removed. Leaving cleaning residue in the fibres can lead to rapid re-soiling as well as the fibres feeling coarse.



Step 7: Water Extraction

This process removes the excess water from the rug before it is taken into the drying room. It is essential as much moisture is removed from the rug so the drying time is reduced, this helps prevent the risk of issues such as colour run, browning and mould growth.



Step 8: Grooming and Protector

Once we are happy with the cleaning of your rug we apply the anti stain protection if you have requested it. This puts a coating on each fibre which helps protect it against staining and re-soiling, giving you more time to mop up spillages that may occur, this coating will also help reduce abrasion wear.

The face fibres of the rug will then be groomed ensuring the pile is tangle free and laying in one direction.



Check back this time next week to see the last few stages of our process.

If you have any questions about rug cleaning or any of our other services just give us a call on 01462 811210.