How to keep your kitchen sink sparkling!

locationJuly 2021

How to keep your kitchen sink sparkling!


Sinks – the one thing that seems to be continuously full no matter how many times you do the washing up! This means it can get grimy and grubby very easily.

Here are some easy tips to keep it looking at its best at all times…


1- Make sure you let your sink dry out.

 If you use your sink multiple times during the day (like most of us probably do) and don’t give it the opportunity to dry out, bacteria could be lingering in the water which could then transfer to your next load of washing up. So, by letting your sink dry in between washes – this is a good way of reducing this.

2– Got an old toothbrush?

If you have an old toothbrush or one you’re about to chuck – don’t! Keep it and it’ll be the perfect addition to your skin cleaning kit! The bristles are fantastic for getting into the tiniest gaps and is also a great tool to use around your taps.

3- Let the cleaning product do its job!

Do you let your cleaning products sit for long enough? A lot of the time we don’t let our products sit for long enough as we want to get the cleaning out of the way. It’s worth checking the individual instructions but as a general rule, products should be left for at least 2 mins before wiping away for maximum impact.

4- Got a stainless-steel sink? 

A micro-fibre cloth could be your best friend! The texture of the cloth is amazing for buffing surfaces. Use a dry microfibre cloth in small circular motions and watch your sink shine!

5- Wipe it down every time!

Wipe down your sink every time you use it. This is probably the easiest and most obvious tip. If you clean it after each use, it won’t be able to build up enough dirt to get that bad in the first place.

6– Be sure to keep your drains as clean as possible. 

It’s not only your sink that gets the brunt of the washing, your sink pipes have to deal with all that washing and grime too! Be sure to flush them out every few months. A good tip is also to pour hot water down the sink every few washes! This will ensure any gunk down the drain will wash away before it has a chance to solidify (which will make it harder to clean later on).


Any other tips? We’d love to know…