How to host the perfect garden party

locationJune 2021

How to host the perfect garden party

8 steps to creating the perfect summer garden party…

1 – The first and most important thing to make sure for any outdoor hosting is that your garden is as clean and tidy as possible. Mow the lawn, remove the weeds and pop any toys or gardening tools in the shed! The more space you have to work with – the better.

2 – Want to impress? Choose a summer theme, maybe floral, tropical or festival vibes and decorate accordingly. Table cloths, bunting, plates and bowls all help to add to the theme. You could even match some of the food to your theme or make themed cocktails!

3 – Talking of cocktails – why not make yourself a make shift cocktail bar? You could serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options and either make and serve them yourself or let your guests create their own variations. If your feeling extra fancy you could decorate the table to match your theme and dress the cocktails with novelty cocktail stirrers, umbrellas, colourful straws and fruit to garnish with on the side.

4 – Work out how many people will be coming and make sure you have enough seating for everyone. If your doing food – make sure there are somewhere for guests to put there cups and plates too. Also if it’s a sunny day be sure to have some shaded areas for people who prefer not to bathe in the sun.

5 – Add a soundtrack to your day! No party is complete without music to set the scene and get everyone into the summer mood. Create your own playlist or get your guests pick their own songs (you could ask for requests before hand).

6 – Make sure your guests are entertained (if its people you’ve not seen in a while the only entertainment you’ll need is talking!) but if you have kids coming its great to have some garden games available – things like giant Jenga are fab. If you want to go one step further why not set the kids up a treasure hunt to keep them busy and entertained.

7 – Don’t break the bank – we all know hosting can be expensive. Ask everyone to bring a plate or food or drink of their choice to add to the selection (and save you a few quid).

8 – Have fun… Chat, dance, drink, laugh and eat until your bellies are full!