Do You Clean These 5 Household Appliances?

locationJune 2018

An amazing 71 per cent of Brits don’t clean their home appliances on a regular basis and there are some appliances that are more neglected than others when it comes to cleaning.

Here’s the top five:


1. Washing Machine

Many people say they only clean their washing machine just once a year!

2. Oven 

The survey says some of us only clean our oven twice per year

3. Dishwasher 

Despite it cleaning the plates we eat off on a daily basis, we only clean the dishwasher about 3 times a year

4. Fridge 

A little less neglected is the fridge at 8 times per year


5. Microwave

It’s more often than the washing machine but considering how  dirty your microwave can get 21 times per year doesn’t seem like enough



People who admitted to infrequently cleaning these appliances also said they had to hire in a professional to do the job and many replaced items before their time due to bad maintenance.


It may seem like a dull and grim task but keeping your appliances clean on a regular basis can actually save you time and money in the long run.


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