Clean Your BBQ In 5 Minutes


This Monday isn’t just a bank holiday, it’s also the start of National BBQ Week.


So, weather depending, you may be planning to get the grill out and rustle up some of your favourite recipes.


However, after such a lovely summer last year, you might find your BBQ a little worse for wear. Fear not, we have some great tips for cleaning your BBQ in just 5 minutes.


Ready the tongs, and prepare the salad and the bangers will be done in no time.


Method 1


Always preheat the grill first, this will loosen any burnt on food and grease, making it easier to clean.


Method 2


Cut an onion in half and stab a fork in the uncut side. Rub the cut side onto the grill to remove any leftover grit.


Method 3

Warm the BBQ then pour half a bottle of beer on the grill before wiping with newspaper.


Method 4

Make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and water then scrub using either a griddle scrubber or a crumpled piece of tin foil.



Don’t throw water on the coals to cool it down quicker as it can be incredibly messy.

If you do use soapy water to clean your grill, ensure it’s dried well then rub vegetable on the grills to prevent rusting.


Original article posted by Good Housekeeping