7 Time Saving Cleaning Tips

Not all of us are looking forward to starting spring cleaning.

In fact, may of us dread the regular weekly clean, let alone the annual deep cleaning tradition.

The sad truth is, not cleaning regularly can cost you more time and effort in the long run but there’s no harm in cutting a few corners occasionally.

Here’s 7 hacks for the lazy cleaners among us:

Clean while you shower

When you take a shower you’re already cleaning yourself … why not wash the tiles and door while you’re at it.

It’ll save you precious time coming ‘cleaning day’ and you likely need a shower after doing the cleaning anyway.

Top tip: white vinegar is very effective and safe. 



Utilise your dishwasher more

Your dishwasher likely already saves you a lot of effort cleaning the plates but it’s probably even more useful than you give it credit for.

For example, did you know, as well sparkling the pots and pans, it can sanitise other household objects too? Chuck in anything from grubby toys to wellies and tools.



Robot Vavuum

Imagine coming home to clean floors every day. A vacuum robot will make light work of your household cleaning and all while you’re at work.

Simply apply the setting to the room you’re cleaning and a 3-stage system complete with sensors will focus on cleaning the areas where it’s needed most.

Imagine how much extra Netflix you could watch now you don’t need to do any vacuuming or sweeping.


Microwave Mess

When you’ve had a left over takeaway explosion don’t bother scrubbing crusted-on food from the inside of your microwave.

Simply fix two cups of water and ½ cup of vinegar in a bowl and nuke it for three minutes on full power.

Then wipe it away, and not only is your microwave squeaky clean, but the smell of leftovers will be gone too.



Duster Socks

While the weather is still on the cold side you can double up on cleaning and keeping your feet cosy and warm by wearing fluffy socks to catch the dust.

Imagine being able to say you’ve been cleaning the house all day without putting in ANY extra effort.  If you want to step it up a notch, you can eve buy specially made microfibre cleaning slippers.



Motorised Dusting

If your home is always covered with a layer of dust but you don’t have the time to keep on top of it, invest in a motorised duster.

It promises to make dusting faster and easier, and even more fun.

Battery-operated, the lightweight device spins with the push of a button, meaning all you need to do is hold it in position – with no extra arm work! (No more aching arms)



Protect With Foil

Place aluminium foil on the shelf below when cooking food in the oven, or on top of the baking tray and you’ll never have to clean the oven again (or, at least a lot less).

If you want to go one step further, you can even invest in hob and oven liners that protect both surfaces from stray dirt.