Commonly asked questions

locationFebruary 2020


Commonly asked questions



There are a lot of questions we get asked on a daily basis but here are a few of the most common ones. Have any other questions for us? Take a look at our FAQ page or give us a call on 01462 811210.


How long will my carpets take to dry?

The answer to that can actually vary quite significantly, dependent on various factors, what type of carpet fibres the carpet’s made of, level of soiling, and even the weather. If the weather’s too humid, it can take a lot longer to dry than if it’s a normal every day sunny day.

Some companies will tell you that you can have your carpets dry within 30 minutes. That’s not always the case. – No, I have doubts it can be cleaned and dried within 30 minutes; however, with the system that we use, you get a full, deep, thorough clean of the carpets and they will be dry, normally we say within two to four hours.


Is It worth having stain protection added to your carpet?

The most common stain protector known is Scotchgard. This is a brand name, but there are other quality brand available to professional cleaning companies.

We always recommend that you have stain protection applied after cleaning, and even to new carpets which is really beneficial. But stain protector is not armour plating. What it does do, it gives you more time. It helps make spots and stains easier to remove from the carpets. It also prolongs the life of the carpets, reducing abrasion from soiling and foot traffic.


Will all the stains come out when I have the carpets cleaned?

A spot is usually something which is on the surface of the fibres and should easily be removed. A stain, however, is where the integrity of the fibre colour has been changed, either by colour being added, or being removed. This could be from the original spill, or even products used in attempt to remove it.

Colour loss cannot be rectified by cleaning, while colours added through spills such as tea, coffee, wine, etc, usually can be improved or removed by using the correct procedures.

While no guarantee should be given for complete removal, most spots, spills, or stains can usually be improved, if not fully removed.


Do I need to empty the room when I have my carpet cleaned?

Some companies will tell you that you need to have the rooms empty. Other companies might tell you that leave everything in place, and they’ll clean around it.

Our advice is that you should be removing smaller items. Your breakables and your valuables really need to be moved.

Larger items can be moved on the day. If you use a company that does an on-site quote, all of that can be discussed at your quotation visit.


Do you use chemicals to clean?

Yes, that’s because every cleaning system uses some form of chemical to clean soft furnishings, water is a chemical and forms the basis of most cleaning solutions. A good experienced cleaning technician will be using safe chemicals and will rinse the items to make sure that no chemical residues remain within the fibres. Where possible we are now using cleaning products that are Eco Friendly.