No Stress Stain Removal

locationNovember 2018

There’s no use crying over spilt milk, so they say. That doesn’t mean you don’t go into panic mode when you’re facing a stain on your carpet.


Christmas is a prime time for spills in your home. You’ve got more people than usual over, treading winter shoes through the house, and dancing precariously with their glass of red wine.




You don’t have to worry about being that¬†buzzkill host, going round cautioning everyone who’s letting their hair down a little too much. Accept that accidents happen and follow these steps to avoid disaster.


If you get to the new year and your carpet just isn’t the same, why not think about hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to revive it (and your furniture, too, if needed).


We’ve got experience with those nightmare red wine spills!



Advice from NCCA