Common cleaning mistakes you may be making at home – are you guilty?

Common cleaning mistakes you may be making at home – are you guilty?



Scrubbing carpet stains spills too roughly

Spills such a red wine or coffee can be a real pain but avoid scrubbing these as they can make the carpet fibres fade or even make the stain worse. The best advice would be blot the area with an absorbent cloth of white kitchen paper and absorb lots of pressure to absorb as much liquid as possible.


Spraying wood polish directly onto your furniture

According to experts spraying too much product directly onto the wood can cause your furniture to become discoloured. It’s advised to spray your product directly onto a cloth first and apply it evenly to the furniture. A microfibre cloth is advised for the job.


Using bleach on your fabric sofa

One to avoid! Bleach will eat through your fabric sofa so avoid using it to clean any stains or spills. The best thing to do is to read the care label for instructions on how to clean the fabric safely of get a quote from a professional cleaning company to save you doing the hard work!


Scrubbing your walls

If you happen to have little people in your house that like to draw on your walls or dogs that like jumping up with muddy paws, try to avoid scrubbing it with a hard brush or sponge. If you do this, you’re at risk of removing the paintwork or even worse the plaster underneath. A mix of baking sofa and warm water blotted onto the stain with a soft sponge help the marks to lift.


Using vinegar to clean your granite or marble worktops

Vinegar is often seen as one of those magic products that work on everything but did you know white vinegar in particular, can strip surfaces of their shiny coating because of the acid? They can also discolour any natural materials. The safer method of cleaning would be warm soapy water.


Using rough sponges and tools on stainless steel

You may feel you need to use a rough sponge to remove tough stains, and this seems like the obvious thig to do, but these harsh scouring pads and sponges will only scratch and damage steel pots and pans. Using a non-scratch sponge will work just as effectively to clean but without causing as much damage to your items.