Cleaning Hacks To Save You Time And Money

We all know how to clean, but we can always do with more cleaning hacks that save us both time and money … not to mention a lot of energy, too.

So, take a look at these great little tips and make your life a whole lot easier next time it comes to the weekly clean.


Clean blinds with salad tongs

Blinds look modern and stylish but they’re a nightmare to clean! Wrap a microfiber cloth around a pair of kitchen tongs using elastic bands. This will making cleaning those blinds easy peasy.

Remove your children’s’ masterpieces from the wall

Kids love to show their artistic flare but sometimes it’s no overly welcome, especially if they’ve chosen to be creative on your walls. Try removing felt tip marks with toothpaste. Super cheap and effective.


Flash In The Pan

Even the best cooks end up with the odd pan dirtied with tough burnt-on food. Sprinkle baking soda into the pan and add hot water. Leave to stand, then scrub off. Repeat until clean.


Rid Taps Of Limescale

Immerse your limescale covered tap in a cup of vinegar solution. You can keep it in place with a towel and leave to soak if it’s particularly bad. When done, the limescale should crumble off easily.


Walnuts For Wood

If you’ve got some wooden furniture that’s starting to look a bit worse for wear, use walnuts to get them looking great again. Rub the nut over the faded areas to bring the colour back. The oil in walnuts nourish marks and reduce their appearance.


If you’re living in a small space you might find it difficult to store large cleaning items like mops. It’s ok, you can live without. Next time there’s a spill, pour flour onto the mess and once it’s soaked in you can sweep it up with dustpan and brush.

Like-New Tupperware

If you’re ready to throw out your Tupperware because it’s been ruined by last night’s smelly dinner, put a teaspoon of mustard and some hot water in it to remove the stains. Shake it around in the container to get it looking like new again.


Lemony Fresh

Use lemons to remove hard water stains from your taps. Cut one in half and rub it over your faucets and any other surfaces where water stains have built up. Let it sit, and wipe clean. It’s a lot cheaper than the limescale removers you find in the store.

Drain Maintenance

Clean you drains regularly to prevent a blockage. Sprinkle some baking soda down the drain, then pour one cup of vinegar and one cup of hot water down afterwards. Leave for 10 minutes then flush out with hot water.