Our Current Guidelines Post Covid

Following the lifting of all restrictions, we still have a duty of care towards our team and customers.

Therefore, we will be following the guidelines and taking the precautions listed below

Our team will be taking Covid-19 Antigen tests twice a week on a Monday and Thursday to ensure they are negative for the virus, if any of the team show any signs of infection they will take additional tests as required. All test results will be logged in the office.

Our team has been issued with antibacterial hand wash to use throughout the day along with gloves to wear while we are working or visiting properties

Although social distancing is no longer a requirement, where possible, we will be observing social distancing guidelines where possible and ask you to respect the same guidelines with our team.

On-site work & quote visits

  • We will assume the environment we will be entering has been free from any possible coronavirus infection, if this is not the case you MUST notify us and your appointment will be rescheduled.
  • Social distancing will be adhered to with a minimum of 1.5 metres distance where possible.
  • We will not be offering a handshake greeting or accepting one from you – please do not take any offence.
  • Wearing protective disposable gloves, changed regularly throughout each job and disposed of safely.
  • We are no longer instructing our team to wear face masks as part of our policy, however, if they choose to wear one they will do so, likewise, if you feel more comfortable with our team members wearing one, please ask them to do so.
  • Disposable shoe covers are worn and disposed of after each visit
  • Using hand sanitiser before we leave our vehicles, during and after each visit
  • All equipment used will be wiped down and cleaned with a disinfecting product after each job.
  • During quote visits and jobs we get offered many drinks to keep us hydrated. Previously our guidelines were not to accept any offers of drinks form customers, for your protection as well as ours. We have now decided to allow each individual team member to decide if they want to accept any drinks from customers. Please do not take any offence if they decide not to accept.

 What we ask from you

  • Do NOT arrange for other tradespeople or anyone else to be In the areas we will be working in your home.
  • Respect our social distancing preferences.
  • To avoid unnecessary contact, we ask you to remove any personal items from any rooms to be cleaned, such as children’s toys, breakables, collectables, small items of furniture, etc.
  • We would request that anyone staying in the property while we are present will remain in a separate room to where we are cleaning – if you wish to go out while we are working then that is ok with us
  • Allow us to ventilate the areas we are working in by having windows and internal doors open where possible
  • Don’t be offended if we refuse your offer of drinks.
  • People and pets must be kept away from the areas being cleaned and treated both during the cleaning and the drying process.
  • If someone in your home is showing symptoms of Coronavirus or has been infected, please contact us and if necessary, we will re-schedule your appointment.


Rug Cleaning Drop off & Collections

If you are looking to get your rugs cleaned, we can still collect these from you, or you can drop them to our unit during office hours.

Either way, we will still be taking some precautions.

  • If we collect from you we will be following the guidelines above.
  • If you drop rugs off to us we will schedule an appointment time for you to drop them off, we will take them out of your vehicle and into our workshop, when you collect the rug we will place it back into your vehicle.

To download or print a copy of this guide click here Cleaning guidelines, post Covid

Stay safe and we will speak soon

Dean - Owner www.FiveStarfurnishingcare.co.uk