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Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Disinfecting

 Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Disinfecting The health and cleanliness of your workplace are always important, but it has never been so important as it is now during the current climate. The Covid-19 outbreak has suddenly made business owners, office managers, facilities managers, headteachers, in fact, everyone who is responsible for looking after staff, public and […]

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Coronavirus & Cleaning

Updated 14/4/20 Coronavirus & Cleaning Important Factual information – Do Not get scammed please read, pass it on and share  As if the current climate wasn’t enough for us all to cope with, I’m afraid to tell you that there’s a huge amount of misinformation around this virus from a cleaning perspective. All sorts of […]

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5 Reasons To Banish Shoes Indoors

categoryPreventative Care
locationAugust 2018

You should always remove your shoes in the home even if you’re heading out again soon. Although it may seem inconvenient to always make sure your shoes go straight on the rack or fussy to pester guests to part with theirs at the door, there are 5 great reasons why you should be making the […]

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